What is Trial Variant ?

Many People don’t buy apparels online because they want to try it before they buy. People say’s that the product images displayed online looks very nice and attractive with compare to actual product we receive. It has also experienced that captured good Images of low-quality products make them sale into high prices while same quality product can be find cheaper in local market. The biggest point out of this all is lack of touch and feel. People prefer to check the quality of fabric by touch and feel it by trial like any other local market shop. Service like return polices offer you to return the product within specified time if product does not match with your expectation and this can only provide assurance of money security. So, we as Raw Price team has decided to complete your shopping experience by providing Trial N Buy. Where you can try the product at your place before you buy by just paying a small redeemable fee in advance at the time of placing order. Don't miss the fee is redeemable, means the trial fee which was paid will deduct from order value if you buy any product from Trial cart. 

How it works:

In the introductory phase, the Trial N Buy service is available to customers in Indore near 5 km of Bapat square only. Further, it will extend to other locations.

Trial N Buy service allow you to trial of apparels, prior to buy. Customers can opt to do so from the comfort of their homes, offices or any other location of their choice. This service will provide freedom of selection among all the products requested for trial. Return and exchange will not applicable once product bought thru Trial mode.

Products eligible for Trial N Buy will be in easily accessible packaging and the service can be availed at nominal conveyance fee to avoid misuse of service. This fee is refundable if any product bought among ordered for trial. A minimum of one and maximum of five items per request. 

Price mention for the Trial variant of product is Rs 0.01 is only to manage cart calculation. The actual price of the Product is the price of same size or color variant listed on website. For example: If there are two variants showing over a product is 'XL' at Rs 650 and 'Trial XL' at Rs 0.01, it means product price is Rs 650.

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